Vionic Shoes’ philosophy is simple: style, it doesn’t have to hurt.


Since its inception the brand has evolved and has become known for its trendy, modern and supportive designs. With over 200 styles, the brand designs comfortable shoes for women including sandals, active sneakers, slippers, and more recently heels.


Vionic Shoes’ iconic support has left a footprint on the industry, and in 2015 a study proved their support alleviated heel pain. Vionic Shoes was founded on podiatry principles and is recognised by the American Podiatrists Medical Association (APMA).


Try it for yourself with the Vionic 30 day comfort guarantee – we’ll give you 30 days of wear-testing to make sure you do. If you’re still not convinced, we’ll refund your purchase back.



  1. Black
    Lacey Open Heel
  2. Black
    Kirra Backstrap Sandal
    $159.95 $159.95
  3. Black
    Baldwin Lace-Up Sneaker
    $219.95 $219.95