At it’s sole, Samuel Hubbard is focused on superior design.

Manufactured in Portugal, the brand goes to extremes to ensure the quality of their designs. Samuel Hubbard’s irresistible comfort is made by eye-catching designs. Bold and sleek, the outsole features a signature yellow stamp, while the shoe itself is framed with contrasting stitching.

With a contoured footbed made of Poron and EVA, the quality is sealed with a premium leather lining – a winning combination. Each style also features a Vibram outsole; it’s ultra-light, and oh-so-comfortable.

Founded by Bruce Katz in 2014, the co-founder of The Rockport Co, Samuel Hubbard seeks to bridge the gap between comfort and style.



  1. Market Cap Brogue
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  2. Tipping Point Brogue
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  3. Ivy Legend Loafer
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  4. Fast Casual Lace-Up
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  5. Founder Oxford
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  6. 24/7 Boot
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  • AUD A world of comfort and wellness, from the ground up!