Arch Ball Mini

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The Arch Ball mini has been specifically designed by podiatrists to offer a contoured design and dimpled pressure ridges for the relief of tight arch muscles and foot discomfort. It may assist in increasing blood circulation and the feelings associated with tired feet. It can be used in the treatment of heel pain, spurs and plantar fasciitis. EFFECTIVE RELIEF FOR: Heel Pain, Heel Spurs, Arch pain, Plantar Fasciitis
Introducing the Arch Ball mini – a podiatrist-designed marvel crafted to alleviate foot discomfort. Its contoured design and pressure ridges target tight arch muscles, offering relief from heel pain, spurs, arch pain, and plantar fasciitis. Experience increased blood circulation and banish tired feet with this effective solution, providing comfort and aiding treatment for various foot conditions. Step into a world of relief and enhanced foot health with the Arch Ball mini.
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Brand Realign
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